About IncassoPartners

About IncassoPartners

We are IncassoPartners

For 25 years now, IncassoPartners has been bringing positivity to the world of debt collection. Our motto is ‘People First’, which sets us apart as a collection agency. It’s the key to success in cases large and small. Our experienced team of experts provides positive solutions that are great for customers and clients alike.

Our mission

Listening and positivity

They say pressure makes the unimaginable imaginable. The opposite is true for debt collection. Under pressure, people tend to withdraw: like a clam in its shell.

That’s why IncassoPartners works differently: we engage in a dialogue with our customers. Every debt has a reason, which you can find out by listening to customers. Together, we find a fitting solution. That positive attitude works. After all, debts are never planned. But you do need a plan for paying them.

‘Customers ring off with a positive feeling, making it more likely for them to become a return customer for our clients.’

Our strength

Digital with a human touch

Smart IT creates room for a personal approach and tailored solutions. That’s the strength of IncassoPartners.

Automated processes don’t have to stand in the way of a personalised experience. In fact, they do the opposite: they create room for people who need a little more personal assistance. And for those customers who find it hard to manage with our digital solutions, our customer service team is always available to lend a helping hand.

‘We interact personally with our customers, in a way that suits them best.’


Taking pleasure in reinventing ourselves

At IncassoPartners, we enjoy what we do. It makes us feel good to reinvent ourselves and offer positive solutions.

After 25 years, we at IncassoPartners are just as motivated as the day we started. We continue to stand by our motto: People First, with the focus on personal service, combined with smart IT. That combination remains our strength. It’s how we bring positivity to debt collection services and take pleasure in what we do.

‘We wanted to put a fresh spin on the business, by resolving conflicts in positive ways. That’s what we continue to do today.’