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Hertz: international debt collection

It’s in the car hire industry that the international expertise of IncassoPartners really stands out. That’s why Hertz and Enterprise Rent-A-Car rely on our services for unpaid cancellation expenses, damage, fines and credit card chargebacks – all of which can end in lengthy debt collection cases. We step in to help them recover their debts.

Client case: collecting chargebacks for Hertz

Cars are not checked for damage until they are returned. If damage is detected, an extra charge is made. Customers regularly have this charged back, because they do not trust it, or they no longer remember the damage. In this case, we talk to the customer. We explain the situation, with the official documents at hand at all times. This approach works: customers often remember that there actually was damage and finally make payment. In one easy step: with their credit card in the IncassoPartners web portal.

Why car hire businesses rely on IncassoPartners to recover their debts

IncassoPartners offers accessible payment options in international debt collection cases. Our personalized web portal makes paying quick and easy, also by credit card. Our dedicated customer service agent for these cases knows how car hire businesses work and who is liable for what. We explain that in English, plain and simple. And if necessary, we come to an agreement. That creates trust, so that our clients keep their customers and we can successfully resolve more cases.

  • customer retention
  • international intermediary services
  • easy payment by credit card
  • extensive experience
  • B2B and B2C debt collection

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