Wendelfred (web commerce)

Wendelfred debt collection for e-commerce and wholesale trade

Wendelfred does business in the fashion and lifestyle industry. As an importer and distributor, Wendelfred supplies various clothing and shoe brands to Dutch retailers. IncassoPartners is a specialist in debt collection for e-commerce, the wholesale trade, retail trade and web shops that do business online and internationally. No wonder that Wendelfred and IncassoPartners work together so well.

Our relationship with Wendelfred

Wendelfred is a full-service supplier with a concept-based approach. Helping to devise solutions for retailers is therefore of paramount importance to Wendelfred. IncassoPartners is also keen to join in their thought process. We work with retailers on Wendelfred’s behalf. We offer practicable payment arrangements to avoid taking legal action. Our dedicated case manager looks at each individual situation, holds intensive talks and makes a sound risk assessment – all to arrive at practical solutions. Such as purchasing a collection in instalments or a realistic payment arrangement. So that retailers can carry on with business while Wendelfred retains paying customers.

Why web shops and wholesalers call in IncassoPartners for debt collection

Besides Wendelfred, we also work with Snizamo, Sevenply and Mr Lacy, handling debt collection cases large and small: from 400 to 400,000 euros. To handle all cases, we combine automated bulk debt collection with a personal approach. Our web portal makes this transparent and efficient. Our service staff are always available for personal advice, tailored to the clothing industry. That works, with more payments and satisfied clients as a result.

  • one dedicated case manager
  • appropriate arrangement for customer and client
  • solution with customer retention
  • international and in the Netherlands
  • cases large and small

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