Reliability confirmed


Every certification process is a challenge which makes us stronger. That’s why we are incredibly proud of our certificates, which reaffirm the professionality of our team and lend credibility to the way we work.

“Every one of us acknowledges the importance of our certificates. It motivates us to always work accurately.”

Certifications & partnerships

NVI membership – Dutch Association of Certified Debt Collection Agencies (NVI)

This membership is exclusively reserved for debt collection agencies which adhere to strict requirements relating to socially responsible debt collection. IncassoPartners has been a proud NVI member since 1997.

Debt Collection Seal of Approval (Incasso Keurmerk)

The Debt Collection Seal of Approval gives you the assurance that you’re dealing with a reliable debt collection agency. For customers, it’s a guarantee for a proper and solution-based approach, with the option of paying in instalments.

MVI – Socially Responsible Debt Collection (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Incasseren)

People come first for us. We handle all cases fairly and treat customers with integrity and respect. Because everybody matters: People First. And we have MVI’s seal of approval to show it.

Business partner of

IncassoPartners is a registered business partner of is the lobby association for businesses engaged in distance selling: selling goods or services through a web shop, catalogue, by mail order, etc. Our partnership means that we are demonstrably committed to businesses which are a member of and that we are their preferred supplier of debt collection services.

We believe in efficient,
effective and socially
responsible debt collection.

AFM licence

The AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) published its Consumers and Debt Collection Procedures in 2016. This guidance states that a debt collection agency must obtain a license if it offers credit or acts as an intermediary in the offering of credit. IncassoPartners meets all requirements for this license.

The guidance also sets out how credit providers should handle consumer payment arrears. The AFM wants credit providers to work with customers to find a solution for payment problems before they turn to a debt collection agency. If a debt collection agency not only recovers debts but also makes arrangement to pay in instalments, it needs a certificate, because this constitutes acting as an intermediary.

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ISO 9001:2015

IncassoPartners adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 standard of quality management systems. This means we work according to procedures that ensure quality, service and reliability.

ISO 27001

IncassoPartners has an effective management system for information security, which is certified to ISO-27001. We protect the data of our clients and their customers in an effective and quantifiable manner, which is regularly audited by Lloyds. Efforts are continuously under way to improve and raise the level of our management system.

NEN 7510

Data security is paramount, especially in healthcare. NEN 7510 certification shows that we meet the strict requirements for the processing and storage of medical and patient information.

Partner of CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland)

As a partner of CSR Netherlands, IncassoPartners contributes to a sustainable and fair world.

ACA International

IncassoPartners is a member of ACA International, the international Association of Credit & Collection Professionals. This demonstrates our commitment to and experience in international debt collection.

UN Global Compact

IncassoPartners follows the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. These principles prescribe the norms and values businesses can adopt to work responsibly, such as in human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. By following these ten principles, we help to make the world a better place and ensure that customers and employees are treated with integrity.

Professional liability

We are covered by professional liability insurance in the case of financial loss. This is also a prerequisite for NVI membership.

Trust client bank account

IncassoPartners keeps a trust account for client money. This ensures honest and verifiable transactions and is required by NVI.


IncassoPartners accepts appropriate service-level and non-disclosure agreements when required.

Debt collection in Belgium

IncassoPartners is officially authorised to handle debt collection cases in Belgium. We are registered for this purpose with the Belgian Federal Public Service for the Economy as a debt collection agency. This means that we, as a debt collection agency, comply with the Belgian law on debt collection and meet strict criteria for professional conduct, professional liability insurance and the use of a trust account for client money.

FENCA affiliate membership

IncassoPartners is an ‘affiliate member’ of FENCA, the Federation of European National Collection Associations. FENCA represents the interests of debt collection agencies and other service providers at European level. Our affiliate membership is proof of our compliance with FENCA’s code of conduct and constitution. It is a guarantee of trust, showing that IncassoPartners is a serious partner for debt collection internationally and within the EU.