Not satisfied?

Not satisfied?

Complaints are opportunities to improve our service

We attach great importance to the proper handling of complaints. Not only because it’s a criterion for the Debt Collection Seal of Approval (Incasso Keurmerk) of the Dutch Association of Certified Debt Collection Agencies (NVI), but especially because we always test our services against our motto of ‘People First’.

NVI complaints procedure

The complaints procedure of the Dutch Association of Certified Debt Collection Agencies (NVI) is for disputes between the debt collection agency and its client or the debtor. A complaint is accepted for processing if there has been a violation of the rules governing our certification by NVI: NVI’s constitution, internal regulations or the criteria / code of conduct for the Debt Collection Seal of Approval.

Complaints are handled by KIGID, the Complaints Authority for Certified Debt Collection Services (Klachten Instituut voor Gecertificeerde Incasso Diensten). This is an independent institution that handles complaints according to their own dispute regulations. These regulations can be found on KIGID’s website .

The complaints procedure does not cover disputes about the legal relationship between the client and the debtor, such as whether their contract is legally valid or whether the client has provided the debtor with the good or service contracted for. Such matters are put before a court of law.

Supervisory Board

NVI’s Supervisory Board handles complaints about the conduct of NVI’s members. A complaint submitted to NVI is initially forwarded to the debt collection agency concerned. The aim is to reach, in the short term, a solution which is acceptable to both parties. Failing that, one of the parties may put the dispute before NVI’s Supervisory Board / Disputes Committee. The complainant is required to pay a €50 deposit.

This procedure is set out in NVI’s Disputes Regulations .