Zwagerman International

Zwagerman International rents industrial level cranes for many different applications. For a large case in Romania we were able to arrange an effective payment plan through the efforts of a local specialist. The specialist was able to make contact and negotiate a payment plan with the client through a number of on site visits.

Wendelfred (web commerce)

Wendelfred, Snizamo, Sevenply and Mr. Lacy sell trendy products to retail shops and the end consumer. For distributors that act online and internationally with large orders it is important to be able to rely on an experienced partner when invoices go unsettled for longer periods of time. In those cases we mediate by offering feasible solutions and payment methods that prevent the necessity for legal action. Our clients enjoy working with a partner that has the experience and skill required to provide smart solutions for the unique challenges of the clothing industry. 

Travel & Tourism

IncassoPartners works for 'Roompot', 'Hogenboom' and 'Vacansoleil', large resorts with international scopes. In most cases, disputes result from costs incurred through cancellations or damage caused during a stay. Providing a clear explanation with regards to cancellations (and laws and regulations that cover debt collection) is key in successfully resolving issues and preserving a healthy relationship with clients. 

Hem Zaden

Hem Zaden (Hem Seeds) is a large player in the production and distribution of flower and plant seeds. IncassoPartners successfully mediated in a dispute with a client in South Korea through an effective legal procedure that was managed by a local specialist. This resulted in full payment of the original sum supplemented by the legal rate of interest and reimbursement of legal costs. 

Health Care

Teaching Hospital Maastricht, 'Stichting Zorgzaam' and 'Stichting Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis'. Discreteness and security obviously have a very high priority when it comes to dealing with health care facilities and their patient data. IncassoPartners is usually able to find feasible solutions through successful mediation between patients and insurance companies. We have successfully worked with patients, health care facilities and insurance companies in many different countries and continents such as Europe, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and Australia. Even with invoice dates that date back quite a while, we have a high rate of success. 

Car Rental

IncassoPartners handles international Business to Consumer affairs for Hertz and Enterprise Rent a Car. In the case of credit card charge backs and costs that result from small incidents and traffic fines we are able to find solutions that work for everyone involved.

‘No show’ billing and credit management for SEIN

SEIN (Association for epilepsy treatment centers in the Netherlands) and Sleep Centers. IncassoPartners provides 'no show' billing and credit management for these care facilities. Regardless of the long term relationships between patient and clinic, so called 'no shows' (without prior cancellation) unfortunately do occur.  Because of the vulnerability of the patients and the nature of their relationships with these care facilities, proper communication is key in settling issues without compromising the bond between patient and health care provider. Furthermore, through careful placement of flyers and posters in these facilities, we inform patients in order to prevent unnecessary costs.

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