An overview of our certifications and relevant partnerships

NVI membership

Dutch association of collection agencies



Socially responsible collection means that every customer is treated equally and with respect. This guarantees a healthy relationship between everyone involved and a positive experience with our services.


Partner of MVO (NL)

MVO NL believes in the ability of companies to contribute to an honest and sustainable planet.


IncassoKeurmerk (Dutch certification for collection)

We are in full compliance with the rules and regulations set for collection agencies.


ISO 9001:2015

IncassoPartners employs a quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction.


Professional liability insurance

We carry professional liability insurance.


Third party fund management

IncassoPartners uses an independent foundation for management of third party funds as recommended by the Dutch association of collection agencies.


ACA International

We are ACA members. ACA is the international association of Credit & Collection professionals.



IncassoPartners accepts a wide range of service level- and non-disclosure agreements.


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We are firm believers in a type of collection that is not only efficient and effective, but also socially responsible.






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