Versatile debt collection

Versatile debt collection

Debt collection for every line of business

From travel and logistics to e-commerce and healthcare, every line of business has to rely on debt collection sometimes. When that time comes, you’ll want to work with a debt collection agency that knows its business and takes a personal approach. We combine our ‘People First’ mentality with expertise and IT to provide debt collection solutions for every line of business, large and small.

Debt collection for healthcare

Treating patients with care

In healthcare, you may have to deal with people in delicate situations. That calls for a personal approach, with appropriate solutions.

IncassoPartners is certified to ISO 27001 for patient information security. No one chooses to be sick, have an accident or be handicapped. We appreciate the interests of healthcare institutes and are fully GDPR proof, which is why our ‘People First’ approach fits in so well with healthcare providers.

  • Personal and with the focus on patients
  • ISO 27001 and GDPR proof
  • International debt collection for healthcare

Debt collection for e-commerce

Personalised bulk debt collection

We all like to shop online from time to time. With that many transactions, there are bound to be plenty of unpaid invoices. In those cases, you’ll want a collection agency with demonstrated experience.

IncassoPartners is specialised in debt collection for
e-commerce and web shops. We combine state-of-the-art technology for bulk debt collection with our personal approach, backed up by a customer service team that is happy to answer questions and find solutions and a web portal that makes working easy and transparent.


  • E-commerce specialist
  • Bulk debt collection
  • Transparent and efficient

Debt collection for logistics

Economical international

The transport and goods traffic sectors are under pressure to perform. So you need to be sure that your unpaid invoices are in expert hands.

We have the international expertise and reliable network to give you the assurance you need. We also link our computer systems and ways of working with you in close harmony to streamline the debt collection process and keep costs low. In addition, our ‘no win, no fee’ policy assures you of cost effective debt collection at all times.

  • International expertise
  • Close partnership
  • No win, no fee debt collection

Debt collection for the travel and hospitality sector

Positive and effective

We all love to go on holiday. But the unexpected can and does happen. That’s when having to pay off a debt has even more impact.

Our positive take on debt collection proves to be extra effective in these situations. We work with customers to find the best solution. And to ease the pain, we are able to offer a discount on their next booking. This helps travel organisations to keep their customers. We also work internationally, for tourists and holidays outside the Netherlands.

  • Service oriented
  • Keep your customers
  • International solutions

Debt collection for SMEs

Flexible and economical

As an entrepreneur, you need flexibility and a sense of security. IncassoPartners helps SMEs recover debts large and small.

IncassoPartners understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face. Our personal approach helps you to maintain good customer relationships, backed up by our customer service team and a web portal where you can track account status 24/7. We also use our experience with large businesses to keep costs low.

  • Maintain customer relations
  • 24/7 account status
  • Low debt collection costs