debt collection

International debt collection

We at IncassoPartners cross borders, making us your partner for international debt collection as well. With a reliable international network in more than 150 countries, we provide the positive solutions that we are so well known for all over the world.

International debt collection

International expertise

One point of contact for all international debt collection. Right here, in the Netherlands.

Commercial debt collection regularly transcends country borders – as do our many years of experience, in cases large and small. We work with dedicated partners and translate their local expertise into legal advice in the Netherlands, for the quick and reliable recovery of every debt, without extra costs.

  • One point of contact
  • Dedicated local partners
  • No extra costs
  • B2B and B2C debt collection

European debt collection

Assurance nearby

Europe is close to home. Even then, you can still run into all kinds of situations. IncassoPartners is there to help.

The European Union is governed by extensive rules and regulations, the effect of which can differ hugely from one country to the next. And what about the impact of developments such as Brexit? In such circumstances, nearby might seem far away, especially when looking for an international debt collection agency. We can help you to find your way internationally, even within Europe.

  • International advice
  • European debt collection
  • Local expertise

Worldwide debt collection

Worldwide partners

International debt collection in South America, Asia and Africa: that’s how far the IncassoPartners network reaches.

Worldwide debt collection lies within your reach. IncassoPartners works with international collection agencies to recover debts all around the world. Every part of the world has its own challenges, to which we bring loads of experience and – no matter where – our familiar way of working.

  • Worldwide debt collection
  • Extensive experience
  • Familiar way of working