Debt Collection

Debt collection in Montenegro: no win, no fee

IncassoPartners is also your preferred partner for international debt collection in Montenegro. With partners in more than 150 countries, a long track record and a firm grasp of local law, we are your collecting agency for international debts large and small. Our positive approach to effective debt collection also works in Montenegro. And if we don’t succeed in collecting a debt? You don’t owe us a thing. No win, no fee.

Handling of your debt collection case in Montenegro

Effective worldwide

IncassoPartners offers effective debt collection solutions worldwide, through its international network of certified and qualified debt collection agencies.

That’s how we work in Montenegro as well, with partners who know the local law from top to bottom and who work in a way that we approve of. This enables them to start complex debt collection cases, which may involve urgency procedures, prejudgment attachment and filing a bankruptcy or winding-up petition, if needed. Our debt collection partner in Montenegro knows exactly which steps can be taken.

We remain in close contact during the entire case so that you are always up to date. This gives you one point of contact for all your cases, in the Netherlands and internationally.

  • Qualified partners
  • Local expertise
  • One point of contact

No win, no fee debt collection in Montenegro

Internationally solution-based

We work on a no win, no fee basis in Montenegro too. Collection commission will vary by country though.

Before starting a case, we always inform you of the commission charged in Montenegro. We also tell you the chances of success for taking legal action in Montenegro. If the chances of winning are slim and if you therefore decide to close the case, you pay no commission at all. No win, no fee.
  • No win, no fee
  • Extensive legal advice
  • You are in control

Interested in starting an international debt collection case? Call +31 71 524 7070 to discuss the possibilities for collection in Montenegro.