Debt collection

Debt collection services

Our debt collection services

We go the extra mile to provide high-quality solutions with a human approach. IncassoPartners embraces the latest developments and breaks new ground in the industry, making debt collection easy and effective, with the focus on personal service. That’s what sets us apart from other debt collection agencies.

Debt collection

Effective and positive

We know from experience that debt collection is more than just getting overdue invoices paid. It’s about making contact with debtors in every way possible, recognising the problem and finding a solution.

We give them that solution, with easy payment methods that put our customers in charge of how they pay. If that doesn’t work, we talk to them, to help find a solution that they can work with – resulting in proven, more effective debt collection and satisfied customers.

  • Easy payment
  • Personal solutions
  • Satisfied customers

Special cases

Strategy and financial restructuring

Large cases cannot be left to chance. In these situations, you can rely on our long track record in financial restructuring and recovery.

When it’s time to act quickly, you need a partner that is ready for action and has the right legal expertise, experience and a reliable international network. We’ll help you to devise a strategy and then implement it for you. Our network of dedicated partners ensures competitive rates and careful handling of your case. We’re available 24/7 via our hotline.

  • Long track record
  • Dedicated partners
  • Directly available
  • Ready for action

Bulk debt collection

Personal automation

Have a large volume of debts to collect? Our automated processes handle thousands of overdue invoices a month.

Our smart and sophisticated bulk debt collection processes ensure that each and every overdue invoice is handled correctly. If they have any questions, customers can rely on the assistance of our dedicated service team, who speak to them as a person, not a number – reaffirming our people-first approach, even for volume debt collection.

  • Thousands of overdue invoices at a time
  • Careful handling
  • Personal treatment

Forward flow

Ongoing partnership

A steady stream of revenue from debt recovery calls for ongoing partnership, as we take the entire debt recovery process off your hands.

When we enter into a forward flow agreement with you, we fully connect our way of working to yours –  from computer systems and records to the actual debt collection process – so that you can send us your overdue invoices directly, for faster and better results. We take work off each other’s hands, which helps to cut costs. Available for bulk debt recovery as well.

  • Direct debt recovery
  • Ongoing partnership
  • Lower costs